Lumpy And The Dumpers (Punk/HC/Noise, USA) + Asocial Distortion @ Goldener Salon, Hamburg [15. November]

Lumpy And The Dumpers (Punk/HC/Noise, USA) + Asocial Distortion

21:00 - 23:59

Goldener Salon
Grosse Elbstrasse 84, 22767 Hamburg
Lumpy And The Dumpers (Punk/HC/Noise, USA — Lumpy Rec/Total Punk)

From time to time, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS prove themselves to be the terminus of the Slime Punk Express. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these 12 tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, sex pits and bad breath. In the realm of screaming, searing «throbbing idiot punk» (as LUMPY calls it), this is gold. It's fast, it's vicious, and it does not give a fuck. Total raw, warped punk just like I love it! LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS sound exactly like what you'd imagine Ren & Stimpy's latin-jazz freakout band!

This band is about the filth inside, which is not to be confused with the darkness, it's not mental anguish and black godlusts that are spewing forth here, just the natural logistics of flesh, the slippery smelly stuff, honesty of form in the chitterlings and the old shambles. Semi-solid beings playing songs of uncomfortable physicality.

Wrap this whole package up in an absolutely gorgeous 2-color, screen-printed sleeve (art by LUMPY himself) and you have a 100% essential hardcore LP.

Asocial Distortion ( two piece Drecksau Punk Geschepper / HH)

brandneues Duo, mit einem der No Spirit Fanzine Schreiber, irgendwo zwischen Mülltüte und Wildecker Herzbuben. <3

Eintritt: 6.00 €
| Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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