Art of Movement Workshop with Ruslan & Saar @ Center Of Gravity Hamburg, Hamburg [vom 20. bis 22. April]

Art of Movement Workshop with Ruslan & Saar

20. - 22.
18:00 - 19:00

Center Of Gravity Hamburg
Talstraße 19, 20359 Hamburg
2,5 days of intensive AcroYoga based on perspectives of Understanding, Feeling, Flowing, Moving, Partnering and Dance. Learn how to improve your understanding of the principles of balance in static poses vs motion: alone & together. Discover how to apply those principles on different aspects of AcroYoga and Movement: trust & grounding in the unknown. Understand how to use trust and grounding within different range of speed: slow and controlled vs fast and furious. Unfold possibilities of adaptation vs resistance, through creativity: explore how to change your own strategy & to switch roles. Learn how to create a flow and develop your own one.

This Intensive is meant for people with Level 2 to Level 4 AcroYoga practice. In some cases we will work with „A, B, C – approach“ (A-easy, B-normal, C-difficult). Practice necessary skills on a regular base, alone and together with others! The whole weekend is a building-up progression, focusing on the understanding of bio-mechanics of your body and the body of your partner, through techniques, drills, acrobatics & movement.

Immerse with us into a creative process!

Find all details and prerequisites here:

The Teachers

Ruslan North and Saar Wouters are encouraging, technical and creative AcroYoga explorers with a rich theatrical fire performance background. Both are certified by AcroYoga Montreal and are among the leading figures of the AcroYoga scene in Belgium. Their unique style is based on many disciplines (Yoga, dance, acrobatics, Martial Arts, Movement, etc) and strengthened by their ongoing deep and critical research, which is tested through years of experience and continuous adaptation.


Regular 180,00

Duo 162,00
(Duos need to register on the same day, both notify us about the joint registration in an email to [email protected])

Reduced 153,00
(For people with low income. Self assessed. Please notify us in an email if you choose this option.)

Early Bird 153,00
(The Early Bird offer is valid until February 23rd 2018)

Repeater 135,00
(The repeater offer is for those who already did a weekend workshop with Ruslan & Saar in the Center Of Gravity)
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