Jesper Binzer | Knust Hamburg @ Knust Hamburg, Hamburg [8. Mai]

Jesper Binzer | Knust Hamburg

20:00 - 23:59

Knust Hamburg
Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg
JESPER BINZER will be releasing his new soloalbum “Dying Is Easy” on november 3rd!

For the first time in 33 years there has been some time off for Jesper Binzer to do some work on his own. After 11 albums and several thousand shows D-A-D put their creativity on stand-by last year, but singer and guitarist Jesper Binzer wasn’t ready for relaxing time.
The result is now a year later a solo-album, his first ever, including 10 songs to be release nov 3rd under the title “Dying Is Easy”.

“Music has been pushing inside my head to get out, and my fingers has been itching to release alle these ideas into songs. For the first time I have made something all by myself.
It started a year ago on my acoustic guitar at home, working on a song that I quickly found out was all about me. Since then lyrics, chords and melodies has been bursting out and turned into songs. And since spring of this year, I realized that I was actually working on a soloalbum. D-A-D is still my main thing, but the other guys wanted a little time off after grueling touring before we went into the songwriting process. I just couldn’t sit still...”, tells a very happy Jesper Binzer.

All songs were recorded at Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Søren Andersen, who worked with Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and produced albums for several rockacts from Artillery (4 albums) to Mike Tramp (5 albums) and played in his own band Electric Guitars.
The friendship between Jesper and Søren began two years ago, when Søren were stand-in on the bass in D-A-D, and after the tour they started to have sessions when they had some time off.

Jesper Binzer adds: “I´m a rock´n´roll romantic, I remember during the recordings of “Simpatico”, 20 years ago, that I made the conclusion, that this way of life, will be forever. And now I have also concluded that I can work on my own. It´s weird to think that 33 years has passed before I recorded a soloalbum, but I have never had the time or the urge to think about it before”.
This album is all about me, where I am right now. Strong feelings are fuel for me in the songwritingproces, so it´s about responsibility and forgiveness. About loving life and the fear of death”.
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