Where Is My Mind? - Live : Grayssoker (FR) @Kir, Hamburg @ Kir Hamburg, Hamburg [15. Juni]

Where Is My Mind? - Live : Grayssoker (FR) @Kir, Hamburg

20:00 - 23:00

Kir Hamburg
Langenfelder Damm 94, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
Where Is My Mind?

Grayssoker (FR), Live at Kir Hamburg
15/06 — 20h

Grayssoker (Accordion Metal-Electro)
Talent and creativity cannot be locked into a codified plan of training, one «power duet» formed by an accordionist and a drummer can completely let travel our spirit and our ears on roads of pleasure. And I have to say that I am not disappointed! The duet is composed of Clément Palomba and Pierre Corre, who have been friends since high school; it i’s that strong complicity which unites them into the music. Then, there is a search for crea-tion for these musicians of the Conservatory of Music. Clément who studied jazz by picking the solos of Coltrane and Parker, electrifies his instrument and relies it to about fifteen pedals of effects, just to take out the accordion of its «zone of comfort» and to play the music he really enjoys: heavy metal.

As for Pierre, he played metal for a few years and longs to lay his sticks and his wrists by playing this jazz he has just discovered. The meeting place is exactly placed under the name Grayssoker. A little English grasshopper and little of crossover, we can find in this monicker all the ideas of change and crossing of styles which characterize their music.

We must admit that the accordion sometimes sounds like an elec-tric guitar or a vintage synth and that sounds sometimes lean for-wards electronic music, rock or heavy metal. But after all,the bottle doesn’t matter if we have the drunkenness, because this du-et is also complementary as the magnificent record cover drawn by Arnus: the calm of the pink rabbit with a bow-tie (Pierre Cor-re, the enigmatic jazz drummer) and the monster spitting electric cables (Clément Palomba, the hip accordionist).

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